All in One Details About the Process Named Ultherapy

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The ageing process cannot be stopped and these fine lines, wrinkles and skin loosening can make it difficult for us to live with it.

Even if we work out, there are certain areas of the body that cannot be targeted like the submental area (the jawline and the neck region).

It becomes difficult to tackle it without the help of in-office procedures. So, one such process is called Ultherapy.

What is an Ultherapy?

This is a non-invasive procedure that is used for areas like the neck, chin, brow and decollete. It is the same technology that is used in radiology for ultrasound imaging.

This machine Ulthera uses a sound wave energy that penetrates into your skin deep into the area that is to be treated. It causes the muscles to contract and expand, ultimately making it firm and wrinkle-free.

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Why is Ultherapy better?

Ultherapy is a simple procedure with not much of cuts or rests required like any surgical procedure.

It is been approved by the FDA as it can turn back the skin into being young once again. It can help resolve the problem of flabbiness in the neck area, chin, eyebrows, or forehead.

This technology can restore the damaged collagen to get it back to being beautiful like before.

Today, there is no such technology that is as innovative and efficient as this 超聲刀when it comes to face-lifting, except the surgical procedure. Whereas surgery can just lift and tighten the skin, but cannot restore the collagen beneath.

What is this procedure?

The procedure will usually take around 45 minutes to one hour. It usually starts with applying a gel to that affected area followed by the procedure that will get into a depth of two millimetres to three millimetres and a half.

The deeper it gets, the more contraction you will feel. Most patients do it for the jawline or the neck region, but it is also effective on the eyebrows and the cleavage areas.

This procedure will also be followed by other procedures too. For example, if there is fat deposited under the chin, then other procedures are used to freeze, dissolve or destroy the fat cells.

The procedure is totally painless with cutting involved. You might just hear a sound that comes out of the machine. You might feel some numbness for some days after the procedure but it will go away on its own.

What about the results?

Results could be seen quickly or immediately. This is because therapy works by triggering the creation of new collagen.

This collagen will rebuild itself and will continue to grow for some three months and then it plateaus off.

So, for some, they may not see the result right away or would take two to three months to see desired results.

What is the cost?

The cost of this procedure can range from $5000 for the full face and neck whereas for the lower face and neck can go up to $3800.

For Decollete it will cost up to $2500. The price may keep varying in different cities.

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