What Are The Effective Programs That Assigned For The Natively Backward Communities?

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People’s need is to live happily, and they have to obtain the freedom to get educated and make decisions. But, due to community issues and unaware people present in the country, many of them have been struggling to develop their lives better. 

To bring a solution to them, the sunrise recovery team gathered plenty of volunteers to help the people in need of clothes, food, good partnership, education; sick mind due to losing people, suicide committing pupils, and many more. For all these people, the team provides a set of the cultural healing program. All they need is to have peace of mind and the right path to make their life go better in that. 

Techniques And Therapies:

Each therapy will be happening for some period for seeing expected results from people. Two kinds of patients have been handled by the professionals such as partial hospitalization as PHP and intensive outpatients as IOP. PHP may happen for six days, and each day, 5 hours of the program will happen. IOP also happens for six days, but only 4 hours program. 

  • Regular medical care to recover their health, 
  • Skill development courses, 
  • Individual one to one face therapy, 
  • Music art therapy, 
  • Guided Yoga,
  • Gym, and body and mind exercise, 
  • Equine therapy, 
  • Massage treatment and many others. 

Cultural Healing Treatment Gives Better Progression:

The patients will have balanced healing therapy, and they don’t get the solution at just a few sittings. So, volunteers ask them to attend the program properly, and initially, their mental pressure will get healed. 

Then, they can forward to the evidence-based practices that contain 12 steps in it. Individuals will get separate professionals to care for them in all these treatments. After getting a result, they can move to the general healing program. You can visit the official website of the Sunrise Native recovery team and join them.  



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