Benefits of Manual Toothbrushes

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Which is better- Electric or manual toothbrush is an ongoing debate for years. Ever since electric toothbrushes were launched, people have been struggling to make a judgment about one being a better choice. 

Although there’s no clear answer to the question yet; it can’t be ignored that majority of population makes use of manual brushes worldwide. 

Here we shall talk about a few benefits of manual toothbrushes that make them a popular choice.

1] Inexpensive 

Even the most stellar manual toothbrush is often cheaper than electric toothbrushes. They are very cost effective and serve their purpose well. Since brush heads or brushes require frequent change due to wear and tear; electric brushes are not financially convenient option for many. 

2]  Availability in different styles, heads and bristles 

Although electric brushes are slowly evolving in their form; currently they still lack when it comes to the availability of styles, head and bristles. On the contrary, when it comes to manual brushes, you have a plethora of alternatives available in the market. 

Today, eco-friendly brushes are gaining prominence in the market due to the advantages they offer. Many of these also come with recyclable brush heads allowing you to use the same brush body for years. Nada manual toothbrush is a good example of the same. 

3] No battery or charging requirements 

When it comes to electric brushes, you have to put in conscious efforts to maintain them. They can break or dysfunction, need charging and are difficult to carry around due to being expensive. All these drawbacks are overcome in a manual toothbrush, which requires minimal maintenance. 

4] Easy to replace 

The damaged or lost manual toothbrushes can be instantly replaced. They are pocket-friendly and easily available everywhere. When it comes to electric toothbrushes, even after spending quite a lot, there’s a significant probability of electric dysfunction or damage to device; which makes it non-feasible.

Even though manual brushes are devoid of timers and require you to acquire the correct brushing technique for maintenance of good oral health; they are a better choice overall. The technique of brushing gets imbibed with years of practice in most individuals, and timers are more of a fancy feature than being serviceable. 

In the end, however, the preference is subjective and varies from person to person. What’s important in the end is maintaining an optimal oral health no matter what brushing you use!

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