In-Person Therapy vs. Virtual Therapy: Find Out The Difference Here!

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Anyone who has thought about seeking treatment for mental health issues but hasn’t done it yet is not alone in this dilemma. The majority of those who suffer from mental health illnesses are untreated. But these days, there are two options – in-person and online. If you want to know how you can benefit from online therapy, and how it compares to face-to-face sessions, then this article is for you. 

Services Offered

Traditional psychotherapy, also called “talk therapy,” is done in person with a therapist, usually at the clinic of the therapist. The benefit of in-person sessions is that the therapist would be able to read your voice and body language and figure out how you’re feeling.

Online therapy services give people more ways to get the help that they need. Several therapists offer their clients online counseling, probably not stand-alone, but along with in-person sessions. There are now third-party companies that will help you find qualified therapists for online therapy sessions.

Efficacy Of Sessions

The success of traditional talk therapy depends not only on the concern being treated but also on the style of therapy used. The most common are cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, and so on. These therapy techniques are now being used with online counseling which is found to be as effective as traditional therapy sessions.

Ease of Accessibility

Many people have trouble keeping in-person therapy appointments due to a number of reasons. Online therapy is more convenient and easy to access which is why this is preferred by many. Anyone with internet access and a therapist can start or continue a session online. As long as you have a smartphone or computer that is connected to a stable internet, you will never miss an appointment with your counselor. 

Cost Of Services Offered

Depending on where you live, what your health insurance covers, and how qualified your therapist is, traditional treatment can cost anywhere from totally free to several hundred dollars per session. That goes the same with online therapy services. Verify with your current therapist if the online alternative will cost you the same as in-person. If you want to save money on your medical costs, you use a third-party service.

Privacy of Sessions

If you go to in-person therapy sessions, you do the basics – fill out forms and provide true and accurate information. The data you provide is safe with your therapist. That goes the same if you choose to do your sessions online. But before you sign up, make sure the platform is HIPAA-compliant. Also, ensure that they only work with certified therapists in your state. Also, ask about their methods of keeping records safe and secure. 

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