The 4 Best TV Headphones For The Hearing Impaired in 2023

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You’re most likely on the search for TV headphones either because you’re hard of hearing, or just because you want a better audio experience while watching TV. While the main topic of discussion is in relation to headphones for the hearing impaired to watch TV, this guide is still super helpful for those of the latter category. For the hard of hearing folk, it is often pertinent to purchase TV headphones to watch TV without disturbing others. This can reduce the anxiety, which may accompany hearing loss. So, let’s dive into the best TV headphones on the market for the new year!

Our Winner

Wireless Stereo Assistive TV Earphones By Hear+Hi

Hear+Hi’s Acuity Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones takes the top spot with its sleek design and outstanding audio performance. 

Parameters Of Assessment

Personalization – 10/10

For the hard of hearing this pick comes with the great advantage of being tailored to their specific hearing needs. Through taking an online hearing test on a smartphone, via the My Acuity App which is synced with the hearing device, headphones are calibrated to compensate only for the frequencies which aren’t heard properly. The app requires hearing impaired individuals to take the hearing test on the basis of which the device is automatically adjusted. 

Sound Quality – 9.5/10

Apart from the level of personalization these headphones offer, the audio quality they produce is superb. It delivers crystal clear sound with a high range of volume. We found at even high volumes the quality of audio produced by these headphones stood tall against competitor devices.

Set Up – 9/10

Another pillar of our assessment was ease of connectivity to a television. It’s important for TV headphones to be easy-to-use and, thus, convenient; considering a huge chunk of the hard of hearing demographic includes the elderly. Ergonomically the device was very easy to set up, as it uses bluetooth technology to do so.

The My Acuity App Includes A Hearing Test For Personalization And Easy Bluetooth Pairing

Appearance – 9.5/10

Headphones for the hearing impaired to watch tv must be somewhat discrete and aesthetically pleasing. In relation to other headphones, of similar audio enhancing power, on the market we found that these were the most sleek and lightweight. Also, with their built-in wireless superpowers you won’t be tripping anyone up while you watch TV with amazing sound quality.

Price – 9.5/10

While figuring out which headphone is best, this parameter is important to evaluate at the end. From the quality of sound this device delivers to its use of bluetooth for wireless connection, these headphones are worth every buck. With that being said their price tag is far from hefty, infact coming in at $149. These earbuds are in fact one of the more economical solutions on the market.

Overall – 9.5/10

The reason why we gave these headphones the number one spot is because 1. They can be tuned to be ultra personalized headphones for hard of hearing to watch tv and 2. Because of their easy connectivity and stylish design, they are also excellent to just use as headphones for watching tv


Though Hear+Hi produced the best experience overall, the runners-up don’t fall far behind either. They are as follows:

At just $60, Baseus H1. These headphones are only recommended for those with an extremely tight budget, as they come with many compromises. These headphones are wired and are pretty bulky too, but on the plus side they are cheap and produce good quality sound. Another thing to bear in mind is that they aren’t a great choice for those with hearing loss, as they don’t offer customization.

Master & Dynamic MW75 are a great choice if you have a larger budget, as they deliver amazing sound but come with a huge $600 price. These headphones produce exceptional sound, are wireless, and have a premium feel, with lambskin used on the cups. However, the expensive price and short battery life, accompanied with the fact that they are not vegan friendly, kept these headphones from taking the prize.

Geemarc CL7370 are supposed to be TV headphones that come at an affordable price of $144. They are wireless, sleek and can produce sound of a large range of volumes. However, being “headphones for the hearing impaired” they fall short on the fundamental feature of customization. 

The Bottom Line

When looking for TV headphones as well as any hearing aids, it’s important to include customization to different frequencies as a requirement. With this in mind, the best headphones for watching tv for the hard of hearing, available in 2023, are the Acuity headset by Hear+Hi. Outside of TV headphones, Hear+Hi specialize in hearing aids too. 

The other TV earphones are great alternatives for those who aren’t hard of hearing and need TV audio amplification simply for entertainment purposes. 


Can I Pair My Hearing Aids To My TV? 

This depends on whether your hearing aids are compatible. Hearing aids with bluetooth, like Hear+Hi Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones, are compatible with most smart TVs. They use an app to pair with smart devices, including televisions. More primitive hearing aids however, which lack bluetooth connectivity, won’t connect with most, or any, TVs.

Can TV Ears Be Used With Hearing Aids?

We would recommend that you purchase hearing aids which double up as TV ears. Such hearing aids are bluetooth compatible, like Hear+Hi’s digital hearing amplifiers. They connect directly to the TV via Bluetooth pairing, through the My Acuity App.

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