What to Expect After Epley Maneuver: An Outlook

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Also commonly known as the canalith repositioning maneuver, the Epley maneuver is meant to treat vertigo caused by Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). It offers a series of movements and exercises to treat the condition. The objective of this is to reposition the crystals in a person’s ears that are causing such dizziness. 

One unique aspect of the Epley maneuver is that it can be performed in the presence of a professional as well as at home. The Epley maneuver has proven to be one of the best exercises to help treat vertigo. 

Here, let us try to understand what one may expect during and post treatment.

What to expect during the Epley maneuver?

During the Epley maneuver, the doctor may:

  1. Ask you to extend the legs out front while sitting on a table. Rotate your head by 45 degrees, towards the side where you are experiencing the vertigo, and then quickly push you behind, back on the table with your shoulder blades touching the table. 
  2. Then ask you to rotate your head towards the side you’re experiencing vertigo by 30 degrees this time. He may then hold you in this position for about 2 minutes until the dizziness goes away. 
  3. Then ask you to rotate the head 90 degrees in the opposite direction until it is 30 degrees away from the table. Then roll you on the side where the vertigo persists, in order to make this side face upward. 
  4. Hold this position for 2 minutes until the vertigo subsides and then repeat this process for about 3 times. 

What happens after the Epley maneuver?

While most people say that their symptoms go away after the Epley maneuver treatment, for some it may take a little longer for the procedure to work. And some may have mild symptoms for a couple of weeks. Further, post treatment, your health care provider may ask you to avoid certain positions even after the vertigo and its symptoms have subsided. 

Further, if you’re performing these exercises at home, and the symptoms do not subside, you must call your healthcare provider as you may not be performing the exercises right. 


The Epley maneuver is considered one of the most effective ways to treat vertigo. Therefore, one must make sure that the exercises are done right. In this regard, Audiologie Centre-Ouest manoeuvre de Epley is performed with the utmost care, ensuring you great results.

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