Airlines And Other Industries Utilise Soberlink’s Wireless Mobile Technology To Monitor Alcoholism

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Alcohol Monitoring Technology: From Device to Reporting

According to studies, ten to fifteen percent of physicians and airline pilots will struggle with addiction at some point in their lives. Alcohol abuse is common among these groups, and it can also impact many other professionals. Attorneys, physicians, airline pilots, and other qualified experts can benefit from Professionals Therapeutic Programs which include unique treatment aspects. Intensive monitoring is a critical component of these treatment regimens to reduce the chances of recurrence.

SOBERLINK, Inc., a Southern California-based technology firm, has created a groundbreaking breathalyzer for remote alcohol monitor review. If experts, such as doctors or pilots, are empowered to return to work following alcoholic treatment. This wireless, portable breathalyzer checks sobriety to promote safety.

SOBERLINK is experiencing increased interest from the airline sector as well as medical boards. They are putting this new technology to work in their treatment programs to monitor recovering health professionals. Some of the most well-known doctors in the addiction treatment community, including Dr Gregory Skipper. A Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and Director of Professional Health Services for Promises Treatment Centers in Los Angeles is promoting innovative alcohol monitoring systems.

Alcohol Monitoring Technology 

The high level of attention from the media presently surrounding the aviation sector, including this summer’s blockbuster film Flight and a recent arrest of an airline pilot in Minneapolis, MN, has been attributed to the pertinence of SOBERLINK’s alcohol monitoring system. When experts in safety-sensitive positions are permitted to return to work, aftercare monitoring programmes for airline pilots and other professionals are required to protect the public.

SOBERLINK is wonderful in its simplicity, and its findings are extensive. It’s a tool that will soon supplant all other alcohol monitoring methods.” The FAA’s International Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Dr David Bryman has also included SOBERLINK into his programme.” The recent high-profile news from the aviation sector has only served to highlight. The significance of alcohol monitoring in all businesses where safety is paramount.

The current SOBERLINK device is a breathalyser with a built-in camera that, within sixty seconds of conducting a breath test. Wirelessly communicates a person’s blood alcohol level (BAC), GPS position, and real-time photo to secure cloud storage.


SOBERLINK’s Monitoring Web Portal keeps track of limitless sobriety reports and includes automatic tools like text messages reminding clients to test. As well as direct text or email notifications for the monitoring party in the case of a client violation. The gadget can be used regularly, numerous times per day, or before a flight or operation to validate the pilot’s or surgeon’s BAC. The real-time reporting and automation capabilities of SOBERLINK make it the ideal monitoring tool.

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