What facilities does observer provide?

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Observer.com/, we can also say observer media is an online platform where you will get all the information related to news, lifestyle, food, and many more. Founded in 1987 it was known as the New York observer as a city magazine that believes in informed public that empowers them to hold the powerful account. Observer stripes are the essential source of news, data, and insights about powerful forces that will shape the world.

Their core principle is accuracy, fairness, honesty, and independent journalism. To see the mission include those who have historically been excluded so their voice is not cut down.

They are committed to ethical conduct in all their work regardless of the format of the topic and they have no agenda other than to pursue the truth that I want to be forwarded among the people.

The observer media’s online site includes three main categories entertainment business, innovation and arts is quite a population among the youth, especially the ones who have been following its launch. However, they discontinued a different edition named the New York observer in 2016.

Categories of observer

After discontinuing its print edition, they are the main focus on its site. This online platform is more convenient than today, we see no one without a smartphone, the news will reach you at every place, you won’t have to go around looking for print media.


In this category of magazine given find all the information related to the television series and movies or about the actors. All the movie reviews and the best series are presented here, this gives you mean options to watch on make your watch list by reading its reviews. Here in this category, you will get all the information related to the trending series or movies and even about the upcoming films and television to keep your excitement level going.


This category, focuses on the events and art shows that have been going on in the city and also you get to know about all the famous artworks. It gives you a good tour of the famous galleries of the city and even of the country.


Here, you can know about the businesses that have been growing in the city and even about their finances and also the famous businesses of the country and how they are being grown or facing loss information related to business is given here. This section helps you in thinking about where to invest if you are planning to invest in any company.


If you don’t know that you are not very famous for its fashionable people, this lifestyle section keeps you updated with all the new categories of Outfits that have been on the market and about your favorite celebrities’ wardrobes and many more.

Thus, observer media is a national media brand that embarks readers to lead a conversation. They feature all the topics that a topic of conversation, among people like business, technology lifestyle, and others. You can also be an intern here, you have to be better when they are opening their vacancies.

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