Best Places to Visit During Your Honeymoon In the Bahamas

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There are more than 700 islands in the Bahamas, so a couple is sure to find the perfect romantic spot. Bahamas offers a mix of romance, elegance and sophistication, from the famous Nassau Island to Grand Bahama Island.

Nassau Island (Bahamas Capital)

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and most well-known port in Caribbean Islands is a highly regarded destination. It strikes a great balance between a tropical paradise setting and a bustling metropolis. Nassau’s luxurious lifestyle and lavish environs will make you feel like royalty, from its sandy beaches to its high-end luxury resorts.

There are tons of activities one can try when in Nassau. If you are couple you can try local tours, spend time on the beach and enjoy a nice couples massage in an authentic Bahamas spa. Very few people are aware that you can also enjoy mobile spa in the Nassau. Simply call a known Bahamas spa and ask them to send their massage therapist to your hotel for a relaxing mobile spa in Nassau with your partner.

Grand Bahama Island

Although it is well-known that Bahamas has the best beaches, there is more to Grand Bahama Island than meets the eye. Grand Bahama Island has many other attractions, including exotic beaches and sprawling golf-courses.

Paradise Island


Paradise Island, which forms the largest part of the Lucayan Archipelago is another popular destination among the Bahamian islands. The Atlantis Resort, which is located off the coast from Nassau, is a popular attraction on Paradise Island.

If you cover these three places, your honeymoon in the Bahamas will be complete success. It will be extremely romantic and memorable for both of you.

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