Breast Augmentation Incisions Healing

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Today most people choose to go for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their physical appearances. Women mostly choose the breast and enlargements of their behinds; with the many different types of surgeries, one can go to the most popular, known as breast augmentation incision. Where there have been confirmed to be about four different types of breast augmentation people can choose from, which includes the following: inframammary incisions; which is done under the breasts, trans-umbilical incision; majorly done via the belly button, transaxillary incision; done through the armpit, and finally the periareolar incision which is done around the nipple. All these are done with one aim of enlarging the breasts; after undergoing one of these, you will go into the healing process, and this is what you need to know about Breast augmentation incisions healing:

As mentioned earlier, this process takes only one day, and you have to choose one of the areas mentioned above where you want the implants to be put. You can decide whether on the areolas, underarms, under your breasts, or around the nipples; this will also affect your healing period and how much care you must consider during the healing process.

What to do before surgery

The very first thing is to get the best surgeon. Someone like

Breast is critical, and therefore even what you do a few days before your surgery can significantly impact your healing process. There are some things you need to avoid to minimize scars on your breast. As for your surgeon, they will always ensure that the incisions are perfectly placed clean, and they will heal faster and thus; you should understand where your incisions are to know the dos and don’ts while healing.

A few weeks to your surgery, you should avoid the following; aspirin and other drugs that can make your blood thin, thus increasing bleeding, stop using herbal supplements or vitamin C as they are likely to increase your risk of over bleeding, and lastly, do not smoke because this will delay your healing process.

What to do after the surgery

The recovery period is the most critical period when your body is getting back to normal from breast augmentation surgery. During this period, you should highly maintain your incisions’ cleanliness. However, infections are rare, but you should also be responsible and ensure that your incisions are clean. If you experience any sign of an infection, such as redness, itching, or fever, you should call your surgeon immediately because that might be a bad sign.

While in healing, you should keep the incisions dry for at least three days from then you can freely shower; however, it is not advisable to submerge them in water for 3-4 weeks. You can ice your breast sides, but do not ice the incisions, whatever the case. During this after-surgery healing period, this is what you should avoid: activities making you raise your arms high, do not remove the support garments until your doctor tells you to, do not wear push-ups or underwire bras, pull up your breasts, and direct sunlight.

The bottom line

Breast augmentation incisions healing normally takes a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks to heal; all these depend on how you keep them. The healing period may vary from one person to another due to body differences.

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