The Best Way To Stop Clenching Teeth

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Are you awake with headaches, tension in your neck, or sore teeth? It is possible that you have bruises or you may be unconsciously grinding your teeth as you are asleep. Paul R. Johnson, DDS, provides a detailed explanation of this ordinary woman’s health problem, the best way to identify it, and the best way to stop grinding your teeth in the long run.

If you’re among more than half of the women, then you have a habit at night that you might not be aware of grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth as you are asleep. It could result in grave problems for around 10 per cent of people. It’s also known as bruxism. The dentists describe this in the form of “the nightly grind.” Here is one of the best dental clinics, dePacific dental clinic Singapore.

A Hard Grind

If grinding your teeth when you’re asleep, you’re applying enormous pressure on your teeth – that’s equivalent to hundreds of pounds, much more than what you’d be able to handle if you were grinding in daylight time. Certain people clench their teeth in the evening; however, they often move their jaw sideways or backwards, ultimately tearing the teeth down.

A Bizarre State

What are the reason patients grind their teeth late at night? The solution is “nobody knows.”Some notable dental professionals have proposed several reasons behind teeth grinding, including improperly aligned teeth, stress on the teeth or a pattern that has formed over many years. On one level, there has to be something that makes it worthwhile. Whatever the reason is, if you’re at a loss for your teeth, you’ll need help to stop it.

The Best Way To Avoid Bruxism

Before doing anything else, be familiar with a simple method: “Lips together and teeth apart.” It is the best way to maintain a relaxed jaw. When you close your mouth, the upper and lower teeth should be separated, with your tongue a little towards the front between them. It will help you avoid grinding your teeth during the day, and hopefully, it will lessen the habit even when you’re asleep. Everyone should be aware of and employ this method, regardless of whether or not they use a grinding device. But you’ll still need professional help. There are different theories regarding treating bruxism, so make sure you choose a professional to assist you. Begin by talking with your dentist.

If, for instance, you’re suffering from a few damaged or worn front of your teeth, then there’s no need to undergo a CT image for your jaw, which can help to rule out more severe problems.

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