What Does a Full House Water Filtration System Do? 

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Whether or not you give water filtration a second thought is all down to where you live. For some lucky people, municipal water is of excellent quality. For many more though, the water that comes from the faucets of the home can be substandard at best. In reality, the quality of the water in your home can vary from excellent all the way down to actually posing a long-term danger (in the case of lead contamination, for example). This is certainly where the demand for water products comes from and why there is a continuous presence in any market of bottles of the stuff you can get for free form the faucet. Make no mistake, not all water was created equal. 

Providers of just such innovative water products, Synergy Science, advise that health concerns are not the only reason why people invest in alternative water sources. There are also health benefits over and above what is normally expected from water, which also drive the sales of such products as purified water, hydrogen water, and all kinds of filtered water. For touted health benefits such as improved concentration and sleep, there is water out there that could potentially offer much more than the water from the faucet. 

This is an important thing to keep in mind. Water can be substandard because of the contaminants it contains, but also from what it lacks. 

Home Water Filtration 

In the case of municipal water though, filtration is rarely going to remove everything (and nor would you want it to). In many cases, water filtration is much advised.  There are many kinds of home water filtration systems. There are water decanters that feature a purifier at the opening, and there are water filters that can be directly installed into the running water system, meaning the water is filtered as it exits the faucet. When such a system is installed throughout the whole home, you have a full house water filtration system on your hands – perfect for when local municipal water doesn’t pass muster.

It should be noted though that a full-house filtration system doesn’t come cheap, so it’s a serious investment that you should plan ahead of time. While it should certainly be noted that the cost isn’t quite the cost of a single filter on a faucet multiplied by how many there are (indeed, you will make savings in this regard) it adds up, nonetheless. Substandard municipal water is not something that you should tolerate in a home, but of course it is important to consider whether you really need a filter on every source. 

Benefits of a Full House Water Filtration System

With the important matter of cost out of the way, what else should you consider before purchasing a whole house water filtration system? Here are some definite benefits: 

Better Tasting Water 

It is certainly one of the top myths about water – that it is tasteless. This simply is not true, and you will notice this once you install a filtration system. Furthermore, any drinks you make with water will taste better, too.


Water filtration is not “green” in the sense that it reduces your water consumption, but it will certainly reduce your plastic waste if you were buying bottled water beforehand. 

Savings on Plumbing 

Certain water contaminants are known to cause pipe clogging and other plumbing issues ranging all the way down to simple wear.  In the long term, a water filtration system could save you money here. 

In the end, a full house water filtration system is the gold standard for great tasting water on a regular basis.

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