What Is the Easiest Medical Field to Get Into? 

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Working in healthcare is considered a great career choice for many reasons. One is job security, while another is the fantastic pay. But it is important to remember that while jobs such as surgeon, dentist, and pharmacist often pay six figure salaries, not all roles within healthcare pay as much. That being said, salaries within the healthcare field are typically incredibly competitive. Moreover, considering there are so many different areas within healthcare, there is plenty to like about this particular sector. 

If you are considering healthcare as a career choice, you might be wondering what the easiest medical field is to get into. The answer will generally depend on what you mean by ‘easy’. 

Most people are aware that becoming a physician, surgeon, or registered nurse will require many years of study and involve expensive education, but there are other jobs that require far less college time or for which the only entry requirement is a high school diploma.

How Easy is it to Get into Healthcare? 

If you are looking for a career in healthcare without the need for college education, you may find exactly what you are looking for on medical jobs websites such as HealthJobs.com. These online healthcare jobs boards allow you to filter your search depending on a variety of factors, such as location and education. 

The great news is that the healthcare sector requires people with all levels of education, and as such a massive employer, it is very possible to secure a job in this field without a college degree. In fact, some positions do not even require a high school diploma, although it has to be said that having this does increase one’s chances considerably. 

A home health aide is one such position, and people use something like this as a steppingstone to progressing to other careers within the healthcare industry. Home health aides assist people in their homes with daily tasks that they may not be able to take care of themselves due to disability, cognitive impairment, or illness. 

Some will enter the healthcare sector via the home health aide route and then study part time for a different job in the industry, such as a registered nurse. Although it will take longer to achieve the qualification studying part time, the individual will benefit from having an income, which will help towards the cost of education. 

What are the Shortest Education Programs for Healthcare? 

You might want to consider a short education program to help you get into the healthcare sector. A diploma in practical nursing (DPN) can be achieved within twelve months. Once qualified as a DPN, you can start working and then begin studying to become a registered nurse. 

Other healthcare roles that require a shorter education program include physical therapist assistant (around 20 months), dental assistant (around 16 months), and healthcare administrator (around 20 months). 

By studying for just two years, for example, you can achieve an associate degree as an ultra-sonographer securing a starting salary of around $55,000. Once you have been working in this field for a number of years, you are likely to see your salary climb to more than $70,000. 

Many people wrongly believe that you need to be in college for many years to get into the healthcare industry, but as this post shows, there are so many fantastic jobs that do not require years and years of study. 

Furthermore, once you have the relevant education or experience, it is possible to look for a variety of health care positions such as registered nurse jobs or physician assistant jobs on sites such as HealthJobs.com.

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