Why Consider Micro Pigmentation for Hair Loss Treatment?

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Alopecia, or loss of hair, is one of the common issues faced by millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the advancements in medical science and technology, a wide range of treatment options are available. Out of all the treatment procedures available, scalp micropigmentation in Dallas has emerged as the most cost-effective and result-oriented treatment. The hair restoration treatment uses minute microneedles, offering thicker and fuller hair. Baldness has become a common problem in the USA. A large percentage of the population experience hair loss, which demands treatment.


One of the prime benefits of micro scalp pigmentation is that the treatment is long-lasting. With minimal maintenance, this procedure can last up to three years and sometimes even more. The treatment area demands restorative pigmentation only when the original pigment starts fading. This is in total contrast with a hair transplant that requires follow-up sessions within four to six months. Thus, it won’t be wrong to mention that micro scalp pigmentation has more extended durability, and there is no additional maintenance expense.

A safe procedure

Hair loss treatment is avoided by many because of the complexities involved. People often fear the chemicals used, the surgical procedure, and the probable side effects. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation in Dallas has a reputation for not including chemicals. This indicates that the hair restoration treatment method is highly secure and safe than other procedures. In micro scalp pigmentation, an electric tattoo needle is used, and there is no scope for any infections. Additionally, to curtail pain, mild anesthetic ointment is also used. The best part is that micro pigmentation doesn’t demand any big incision, hence no risk of surgery.


Compared to other hair treatment procedures, micro pigmentation is cost-effective. There is no major surgery involved, thereby no requirement for any surgical instrument. Compared to a hair transplant, micro scalp pigmentation doesn’t require post-medications and additional aftercare products for the scalp and immune system. In the majority of cases, there is no need for follow-up sessions. On rare occasions, the pigment fades away faster than the actual time, which demands a restorative pigmentation process.

Faster healing

Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t involve any significant surgical procedure. Therefore, there is no need for recovery time. There are no wounds or stitches to heal, and the patients only require a routine checkup for a few days post-micro-pigmentation. The recovery time or healing is faster than other hair treatment processes. Similarly, the whole session of micro pigmentation also takes a few hours to complete. The best thing is that the outcomes are visible right after the first session.


Micropigmentation scalp treatment gives a realistic look when carried out by a certified professional surgeon. The treatment delivers the impression of natural hair concerning color and texture, thereby rendering the appearance of shaven hair. The outcome of scalp micropigmentation in Dallas helps hair growth and also conceals imperfections like injury scars, incision scars, and so on. The treatment procedure has emerged as a reliable and effective solution for hair loss and hair thinning problems.

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