Why do foreigners choose Ukraine for a surrogacy program?

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One of the principles of the Delivering Dreams agency is to provide confidentiality to clients. That is why other future parents cannot know anything about you and you, respectively, about them. But now we are going to lift the veil of secrecy just a little bit: there are many couples from abroad among those to whom the agency organizes surrogacy programs. We tell them why foreigners come to Ukraine for a baby. Not all parts of the world allow surrogate mothers. In many countries they are prohibited by law. These are China, Germany, Norway, France, some states of the USA. Citizens who cannot become parents without the help of another woman are forced to seek help abroad.

n Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Australia, and Canada surrogacy is allowed, but not commercial. Substitute mothers cannot count on remuneration, only compensation for running costs. For obvious reasons, the supply in these countries is very limited, and often couples facing impossibility to bear a child go to foreign surrogates. The US, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the Czech Republic – here surrogacy, including on a commercial basis, is allowed by law. The United States, Ukraine, and Czech Republic are the leaders in reproductive medicine. And it is Ukraine that many foreign couples choose to become parents. Let’s see why and compare some important parameters for prospective parents.

Surrogacy in the United States


  • Very high level of medicine.
  • Many offers from surrogate mothers and agencies.


  • Expensive service, the U.S. has the highest prices for agencies, reproductive clinics, and surrogate moms.
  • Surrogacy agencies and medical centers do not communicate clearly.
  • Legislation varies greatly from state to state, which can cause difficulties for foreigners.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic


  • Very high level of medicine.


  • High prices.
  • Surrogacy agencies do not cooperate with clinics.
  • The laws are not clear enough about the rights of genetic parents.

Surrogacy in Ukraine


  • Very high level of medicine.
  • Enough agencies with their own bases of surrogate mothers.
  • There are agencies, including ours, that work closely with reproductive centers.
  • More affordable prices for programs than in the USA and the Czech Republic.
  • The legislation is loyal to genetic parents.

So, according to many indicators, Ukraine is the most attractive country for foreigners who need a surrogate mother. Especially often American citizens and Europeans come to Ukraine, we can speak about it based on our own experience. At the same time, it is obvious that the residents of Ukraine, who are shown programs with surrogates, are in a more favorable position. They already live in a country that is among the unqualified leaders in the surrogacy market. It remains to turn to a good agency. You can learn more about our offers in a special section of our website.

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