What is the Best Career Choice for the Future? 

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Most people think of something they would like to do as a career without ever giving a moment’s thought to their future prospects. They are so wrapped up with what will pay them the most money at this given moment that they do not stop to consider whether there will be a demand for the job in a few years’ time.

It is hard for many of us to imagine what the job market is going to look like in the future, especially with the way that technology is advancing. What might seem like a lucrative career choice right now, might be obsolete in ten years’ time, so it is worth sitting back and thinking about what job is likely to still be in demand ten or twenty years from now. 

Medical Professionals

A job in the healthcare sector should mean a job for life. For as long as there are people, there will be a demand for healthcare. Furthermore, because of an aging population, it is estimated that the sector will continue to grow at a rapid clip. Doctors, nurses, radiologists, and laboratory technicians are all going to be needed in the future so if you have the commitment to study medicine, you could be setting yourself up for life. 

Remember though, studying to become a medical professional takes time and money. Doctors typically study for around seven years and will then need to work as a resident for another three to seven years before becoming qualified to practice. According to Education Data Initiative, the average cost of medical school is $218,792. Becoming a nurse is quicker and less expensive but, like doctors, there will always be a need for nurses, which makes it a good career choice for the future. 

Medical Coders and Billers

As the medical industry grows, so too will the demand for medical coders and billers who are needed to translate patient information into the relevant CPT and ICD 10 codes so that claims can be reimbursed by insurance companies. The good folk at Find-A-Code.com tell us that the future is bright for medical coders and billers.


Skilled labor jobs such as electricians are in demand now, and once qualified the earning potentials only rise with experience. The wonderful thing about training to be an electrician or another skilled labor job is that you can earn while you learn. In fact, it is better to be studying while on the job as this type of work does require hands-on experience in order to learn the vital skills necessary to complete work safely.  

Software Developers

The world we live in is becoming increasingly more technical, so those with a passion for computers and software programming can earn big bucks. The internet has led the way for an explosion in technology, and everything from video games to cell phone app development has the potential for growth. 


Teachers are necessary to ensure that people have the skills required to keep the economy growing and this is one area where automation is unlikely to threaten people. Methods of teaching may be helped in the future with the aid of technology, but it is unlikely that we will live in a world without teachers. 


When it comes to choosing a job for the future, there are plenty of roles that are worthwhile taking the time to train in. Teachers, healthcare professionals, skilled tradespeople, and software developers are all likely to be in big demand in the future, offering the chance to secure continuous employment and higher earnings the more experience they have.

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