Debunking Myths About Tooth Care

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Various dental advice is popular among people to maintain good oral health. However, there are plenty of myths about tooth care that people fall for. Book an appointment with the Houston dental office to get personalized dental advice and services.

Common myths about tooth care 

Myth #1: “Sugar is the cause behind cavities.”

Sugar may be a contributing factor to cavities, but it is not the proximate cause of it. Cavities and decay are caused by the development of plaque and bacteria that thrive on sugar debris in improperly cleaned mouths.

Myth #2: “Bleeding in the gums is normal.”

Gums start bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth only when inflamed. Inflammation followed by bleeding can be due to the buildup of plaque. It can also be an indication of gingivitis or other gum diseases. Bleeding gums must be taken seriously and checked by the dentist.

Myth #3: “Brushing results harshly in better teeth cleaning.” 

Harsh brushing of teeth is a counterproductive act. Brushing aggressively subjects your tooth enamel and gum tissues to unnecessary trauma, leading to receding gums. It is essential to brush with gentle pressure with the help of a soft toothbrush.

Myth #4: “Flossing is unimportant.”

This is a highly harmful myth, as flossing plays a vital role in maintaining good dental hygiene. It facilitates the removal of plaque and ultimately prevents the decay of teeth.

Myth #5: “Dental visits are only necessary for oral health problems.

Consulting dental help when you have a disease or toothache is understandable, but visiting your dentist regularly can detect the early signs of growing disease. It helps in treating them timely after spotting them through regular checkups. 

Myth #6: “Gum disease only harms your mouth.”

There is an excellent chance of the bacteria causing the gum disease spreading to other parts of the body and causing more health issues. Gum diseases are linked with many instances of heart problems, diabetes, and cancer in several patients.

Myth #7: “It is unnecessary to brush baby teeth.”

This can be detrimental to instilling oral hygiene habits in your child. It also leads to other health concerns. It is suggested that kids start brushing regularly as soon as they start growing teeth.

Myth #8: “Chewing Gum Work similar to Brushing”

Using chewing gum is not a substitute for brushing your teeth. Some chewing gums promote cleaner teeth and better breath, and some dentists even recommend sugar-free varieties to chew on instead of candy. While various chewing gums can help improve oral health, they still do not reach the level of being able to replace brushing your teeth.

Myth #9: “White Teeth Are Healthy” 

White teeth may not always indicate good tooth health. Unnatural teeth whitening can cure discoloration caused by stains from foods, but this is a superficial treatment. Artificial whitening treatments do not address underlying conditions.

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