Famous male baldness and acne scar treatment

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Baldness is typically a major problem for men. While some men face acne scar problems. They find difficulty in moving around with bald heads. They feel frustrated to move with bald heads or acne scar problems. This article helps to overcome the acne scar problem and male pattern baldness with proper treatment.

Signs and symptoms of hair loss for men

Hair loss is stress to a male or female. Hair loss called alopecia affects the scalp due to the cause of hair fall. The other common sign and symptoms include

Circular bald spots: Men mostly lose hair in circular or patchy spots. It occurs on the head, scalp, beard, eyebrows, etc. This hair fall occurs due to heredity or hormonal imbalance, or an unbalanced diet.

Sudden loosening of hair: Mental stress or medication problems leads to sudden loosening of hair. You could see a handful of hair while combing or washing the hair. This leads to overall hair thinning and a huge loss of hair on the head.

Sudden baldness on the head: This is the most common in aged people. Nowadays it exists for youngsters and adults. For young men, the hair begins to recede at the hairline at the forehead. For older men and women, it is increasingly receding in the forehead.

Full-body hair loss: Medical conditions such as chemotherapy treatment for cancer, mental depression treatment, and use of chemical hair dye results in loss of hair over the body. After the proper treatment, the hair usually grows back.

The loss of hair or bald head also occurs due to broken hair, damaged hair, swelling, redness, oozing, etc. All types of hair loss, acne scars, and baldness can be cured with proper hair care treatments.

When to consult a doctor

The regular hair fall or loss and physical health problem that persists for long days need to be consulted immediately. Men who experience continuous hair loss on the scalp and women who experience receding hair lines must consult the doctor immediately to avoid permanent baldness.

Best Acne Scar Treatments

Retinols: Dermatologist provides the best and simple solution to cure acne scars. Retinols are one such method that helps in providing a healthy scalp that could be easily applied to the scar area that helps in hair growth.

Dermal Fillers: The dermal fillers use a syringe that injects into the skin. The liquid in the medication helps in filling the fine lines and wrinkles and helps to grow healthy hair in the affected area.

Treatment for male pattern baldness

Minoxidil: It is a famous treatment that is applied directly to the affected area to stimulate the hair follicles. It helps men to grow new hair. It must be used continuously for an excellent result.

Finasteride: It is a pill that helps in the production of testosterone which is related to baldness. The regular use of the pill helps slow down hair loss and returns regular hair growth in the bald area.


The person who suffers from acne scar problems feels stress and low self-confidence. Effective acne scar treatments help them to survive with more confidence. Male baldness can also be cured with the above-said treatment.



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