Is a Missing Crown Considered a Dental Emergency? 

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Nowadays, more people are interested in different dental procedures to make their smiles more attractive. However, it’s very important to have enough information about this matter so you can make the most suitable decisions according to your condition and needs. One of the most popular services typically offered by cosmetic dentists is a porcelain crown. These amazing dental caps provide you with a broad range of advantages and can be used in various dental procedures. For instance, your cosmetic specialist can use them to enhance your smile, your endodontist to protect your recently treated tooth after a root canal or your implant dentist to finish the process.

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But what if you notice your crown is damaged or even missing? As a dentist at an emergency dental office in North York says, such a condition can become a dental emergency and should be addressed as soon as you can. Otherwise, a missing crown exposes your vulnerable tooth and makes it prone to possible issues. Fortunately, your emergency dentist can replace it with a new one if needed to preserve your smile. Keep reading to understand when this condition can become a dental emergency and how you can handle it.

What About a Fractured Crown?

Just like a missing one, this situation is also an emergency because the sharp edges can damage your gums and soft tissues inside the mouth. You have to visit your emergency specialist to prevent any serious damage to your cheek and tongue. However, if you don’t feel the broken crown is sharp and its edges are smooth, you can wait a few days until the next available appointment.

Can I Eat?

If you have a lost crown, you should know eating your favorite meals will be a real challenge. You need to protect your uncovered tooth in the first level and then eat your meals. Try to choose very soft foods and avoid chewing hard things like candies and so on. In this case, you can prevent more damage to your tooth until you visit your emergency dentist to receive proper dental care.

emergency dental office in North York

What to Do in Such Cases?

If you notice your crown falls off, you shouldn’t panic because management is the key on such occasions. The first thing you have to do is contact an emergency dental clinic to understand when a professional can visit you. It’s better to explain your condition so they can understand the importance of receiving proper emergency dental care in your case. If you have a missing crown, it’s highly recommended to keep it to yourself and show it to your dentist so they can create the best treatment plan ever. Your emergency specialist assesses your condition to see if it’s possible to repair the damaged crown and put it in place again. Otherwise, they prepare for another replacement to prevent further problems.

What to Do If I Swallow the Crown?

If you swallow your crown by accident, you should contact your dentist and explain your condition in detail. They take needed X-rays to to see where it went. Then, they make the best decision based on your condition.

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