What is the procedure of anal fissure skin tag removal

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The anal fissure skin tag is the growth of the excess skin that will be around the anus. The main reason for their occurrence is inflammation or straining. Although they are not going to lead to cancer, they can be very sensitive to touch and can be very itchy as well. 

There are some common skin growths that can be diagnosed very easily and will be removed afterward. Well, the process of anal fissure skin tag removal is possible depending on some cases. There are some tags that can also be prevented with just some lifestyle changes. 

Today, in this article you are going to learn the process of recognizing the anal skin tags. We are also going to look at some possible causes and how you will be able to identify them and what can be done in order to treat them. 

What are some anal fissure skin tag symptoms:

Well, the anal fissure skin tags are the colored tags that might be brownish bumps. They are mainly less than 6 mm in size; there are some that are going to grow to various centimeters as well. 

The anal skin tags aren’t going to cause any pain or bleeding. There are at times when they can be itchy as well as tender to touch too. Sometimes they might lead to feeling uncomfortable as well as bothersome. 

They can also get caught in your underwear and will be inflamed and will become itchy or might cause some burning sensation. 

What are the causes of the anal fissure skin tag:

The skin tags might develop from the external hemorrhoids, These are at times swollen veins that will be enlarged in the anal area. 

When the swelling is going to go down, the skin around the hemorrhoid is not as tight as it was before. The loose skin is going to become the skin tag. 

There are some common causes of external hemorrhoids. Let us see what are those:

Heavy lifting:

This procedure can put pressure on the veins in your anal or the rectum area. This might lead to swelling at times. 


Well, when you are putting pressure on the bowel movements, then this can increase the strain on your blood vessels. This can lead to swelling in the area.


Pregnant women are the people that are more prone to hemorrhoids as well as skin tags. This can be due to some changes in the hormones. Well, it can also be the weight of the baby that is putting pressure on the veins. 

The anal fissure skin tags are a common condition for people that are suffering from Crohn’s disease. This is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease. The people who are suffering from Crohn’s disease, then the people might suffer from the anal skin tags due to the inflammation. 

There are some cases where they are the first signs of this condition. 

The skin tags might be there as a result of the irritation, wetness, and excessive wiping when you are suffering from diarrhea. They can also be caused by the long-term friction that is further caused by wearing tight underwear pants. 

The excess skin that is developed after the repeat scarring might also lead to the anal skin tags. This might is going to happen after healing from anal fissures,

An anal fissure can be called a tear in the lining of the anus. 

How is the anal fissure skin tag diagnosed?

When you think if you have an anal skin tag, then see your doctor. This way they will be able to do a popper examining of the anal fissure skin tags. Well, a primary care doctor is going to diagnose the anal skin tags and then you will be sent to a specialist doctor. 

Before diagnosing, your doctor is going to ask you to remove your pants and underwear. Then, you will be given a hospital gown of the drape in order to cover it up. 

After that, the doctor will ask you to lie down on the table and will be on your side. You might also be asked to stand up and then go over to the exam table. 

Then the doctor is gently going to examine the anal area using the hands wearing gloves. There are some cases where a detailed exam might be required. 

Anal fissure skin tag removal

After the skin is going to get diagnosed, the doctor is then going to make a decision if it shall be removed or it must be left alone. 

If the skin tags are not discomforting you and are not causing any kind of symptoms, then it might not be worth removing them at all.

The process of anal fissure skin tag removal is very quick and it is going to be performed in the doctor’s office. 

You will be expected to go home right after the procedure the doctor is going to instruct you to rest for the remainder of the day. Well, any light activity can be performed after the next day of the procedure. 

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