Why Booking a Keratin Treatment at the Salon is the Ideal Start to Winter

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A keratin treatment is a great pick-me-up for your hair at the beginning of winter. Keratin treatments are designed to help your hair look straighter for up to six months. They also have added benefits that help your hair look its best during the winter months. Below, we’ll go into the benefits of keratin treatments for winter hair and why it makes sense to book a treatment at a salon.

Winter Benefits of Keratin Treatments

In addition to being a straightening method, keratin treatments also add a glossy look to the hair and can drastically reduce frizz. Models and actresses sporting hair that has undergone keratin treatments have silky, glossy hair that looks like it has never even heard the words “wintertime dryness.” 

Another reason people seek out keratin treatments is that they make your hair more manageable. Since the treatment smooths down the cells that make up the hair strands, it leads to hair that’s much easier to brush and style. 

If you’ve ever had dry, frizzy hair, especially in the winter, you know how fragile and prone to knotting your tresses can get. The more knotted your hair gets, the more you tug on it. And the more you tug on it, the more you increase how brittle and broken your hair is. Pull your hair too much while brushing, and you might even start to see your hair itself thinning. Keratin treatments can help halt the cycle of hair abuse by making brushing a silky, painless experience. 

Further, if you like to wear your hair straight, keratin treatments help you to forgo damaging and drying measures like using straightening irons. Your hair will certainly thank you during the winter months, when it’s already much more likely to dry out.   

Why You Should Book a Salon Appointment for Your Keratin Treatment

Home keratin treatments abound in the market. However, for the best results, you should book a treatment at the salon. A home treatment may not last as long as a salon treatment and you have to follow the instructions on the bottle perfectly or risk things going wrong. 

With home keratin treatments, the chemicals in them tend to be less harsh, since they’re meant for a DIY approach. Many people consider that a plus, as there’s less chance you’ll damage your hair, but it also lowers the length of time the treatment is effective. A salon professional knows how to handle and apply more intensive treatments safely, without any risk to your hair. 

A poll of All Things Hair readers found that 44.5% of respondents were concerned about damaging their hair by using at-home DIY treatments. If you’re one of the people who feels stressed about DIY treatments, it’s time to book that salon visit.

Finally, bear in mind that DIY keratin hair treatments are typically products you massage into your hair. To get the full benefits of the treatments, you have to make sure you apply an even coating to all parts of your hair. If you have very long hair or have trouble reaching around to make sure treatments are applied evenly, a salon visit may also be in order. 

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