What are Mecobal tablets used for?

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Diabetes has been deemed to be one of the leading diseases around the globe. Complications of diabetes such as heart failure and limb amputation have been shown to cause a debilitating effect to those affected by it. One of the most common complaints among people with diabetes are feeling unusual or abnormal sensation in their limbs such as numbness, burning, tingling, stabbing pain or loss of sensation. Supplements that have been around in the market such as Mecobal or Mecomin capsule are targeted towards people with diabetes as a means to aid with the complaint and repair the affected nerve. However, do these supplements only are targeted for those with diabetes?

The common ingredient of the two supplements is vitamin B12 or cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is actually part of the vitamin B. Usually, vitamin B12 is sourced from animals such as chicken meat, egg and milk. Surprisingly, these supplements are vegan friendly. Recommended intake of vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms. You may be wondering why vitamin B12 tablets contain around 500 to 1000 micrograms which is exceeding the recommended dosage. Thanks to the water-soluble properties of vitamin B12, side effects of taking it in excess are relatively minor such as vomiting, headache, diarrhoea and loss of appetite. Your body is able to eliminate it through urine safely.

Back to the question of what is the use of these vitamin B12 tablets and does it only concern those with diabetes. To say that such tablets are only meant for those with diabetes is an understatement. Although it is true that the product is marketed to help people with diabetes to improve the nerve system due to the damaged nerve by the disease itself, it is so much more than that. Below are other health conditions that can be improved through supplementation of vitamin B12:

1-    Improve anaemia status

Anaemia is defined as the low count of red blood cells. When a person is lacking vitamin B12, they are prone to get anaemia megaloblastic. A megaloblastic anaemia describes the red blood cells produced by the body as being bigger than the normal size. This causes problems with the blood circulation which eventually lead a person to get tired easily and nerve problems.

2-    Support cardiovascular system

A cardiovascular system involves the heart and the blood vessel. Vitamin B12 has been proved in studies to aid with lowering the risk of a heart disease. The blood clot being the culprit for most heart diseases are associated with the high homocysteine. A person with a high homocysteine level is linked to a low level of vitamin B12. Hence, vitamin B12 tablets may help to lower the homocysteine in turn of reducing risk of catching stroke or heart attack.

3-    Emotional and mental stability

Mental health has been emphasised as being one of the other components of health. To have a healthy life is to be physically and mentally fit. Low level of vitamin B12 is said to be a precursor for a person to easily fall into the spiral of depression or experiencing depressive symptoms. Supplementation of vitamin B12 tablets can help to prevent such episodes and to improve mood for those already with depressive symptoms.

4-    Preserved brain function

Low levels of vitamin B12 have been discovered to have links with impairment of brain cognitive and memory problems. This is especially true in those in elderly experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or senile due to the ageing process itself causing such damages to the brain and its cognitive function. By taking vitamin B12 tablets, it may help to enhance cognitive function. Get Vaccinated.

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