Spine and Joint Problems Associated With Aging

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One day, all of us will have to come to terms with the reality that we are getting older, whether we want it to happen or not. As we become older, we go through a ton of changes. Some transitions, such as marriage or retirement, are symbolic types of changes, while some are physical. Many people notice that their movements are more restricted and occasionally tricky than when they were younger.

Years of activity and some hobbies can cause your bones and joints to become weakened. This is why assistance tools like walkers and canes are frequently associated with the elderly. Nonetheless, no two people are alike, and they may suffer from a range of ailments.

Despite the fact that the origins and severity of the ailments differ, all of them may have their symptoms alleviated with the help of specialists. A physical therapist or a joint chiropractor might be of assistance.

If you find yourself suffering from any of the following symptoms, please call Foundation Chiropractic for a chiropractor in Meridian, ID. Their compassionate approach to counseling will undoubtedly provide you with comfort and help you prevent future troubles.


Arthritis is a common problem that many older adults face. This happens when the body’s joints swell or become inflamed. This is influenced by aging since the body’s cartilage dries out, resulting in reduced cushion. Our bodies’ ligaments lose flexibility as we age, causing tension and pain when stretched during activity.

Aside from swelling, arthritis may cause you to become more inactive over time, owing to terrible pain. Some folks find it nearly repulsive. Aside from physical health, arthritis can affect mental health since less physical activity can lead to emotions of loneliness and despair.

Since age is not the only factor that can cause the development of arthritis, avoiding it entirely may be difficult. However, some precautions that may be taken include maintaining a healthy weight and nutrition, staying physically active, and stopping hazardous behaviors such as smoking.

Disc Degeneration

The vertebrae in your spine are separated by discs, which are packed with a jelly-like fluid and provide cushioning. However, if the body is put under a lot of stress, these discs may ultimately wear out. As a result, disc degeneration, a spinal ailment, occurs.

There are four stages of disc degeneration. The most serious issue with the formation of this illness is that symptoms almost often go undetected. This hastens the degradation process. Pain and discomfort can arise, making movement difficult. If the issue develops, the spine may twist, and the vertebrae may be permanently damaged.

While disc degeneration cannot be avoided, there are a few things that may be done to slow its progression. Stretching on a daily basis, in addition to exercising, can aid with disc tension relief. Maintain a straight posture to avoid putting additional strain on your vertebrae.


People’s bones grow more prone to wear and strain as they age. Osteoporosis is defined by a loss of bone density, which results in fragility and a higher likelihood of fractures or breaks. It’s natural to believe that we’ll always be healthy, but if your bones aren’t strong enough, one incorrect action might land you in the hospital.

The great majority of osteoporotic patients are postmenopausal women. This is because estrogen encourages bone density. When people experience “life changes,” this hormone begins to level out. Another common cause of the disease is a lack of calcium or vitamin D.

Fortunately, there are several methods for avoiding osteoporosis symptoms. An active lifestyle can aid in the development of bone and muscle strength. Swimming and jogging may be healthy and low-impact activities for many elderly folks. Dairy, fruit, and vegetables can also help you obtain more vitamins and minerals.

Spine Stenosis

Your spine must move in order for your spinal cord to operate properly. As a result, your spine will deteriorate as your bones dissolve. Your musculoskeletal system tightens and becomes inflammatory as a result of this limitation, known as spinal stenosis. As a result, pinched nerves develop, which can lead to other problems such as sciatica. This affects both the neck and the lower back.

Numbness is a sign of spinal stenosis, which can lead to serious complications if not treated swiftly. Chronic nerve injury can result from persistent numbness, paralyzing portions of the body, and leading some people to lose bladder control. Individuals who have been injured may require surgery.

By minimizing the tension on your spine caused by obesity, losing weight can help avoid spinal stenosis. Greater flexibility can also aid in the prevention of spinal constriction.

Receiving Chiropractic Care

Some older people may seek chiropractic therapy in addition to seeing a doctor for medicines or surgery. Chiropractic practice is safer since it is all-inclusive and has no negative side effects.

Chiropractors try to correct kinks in your spine that can cause strain on your bones and joints. This also increases the connection of the neurological system with the rest of the body, which boosts brain function, which some people believe diminishes with age.

Many people associate chiropractic therapy with loud popping and cracking, but there are quieter alternatives. Foundation Chiropractic treats its Idaho patients with the torque release technique (TRT). As opposed to using their hands, the chiropractor will gently press along your spine using an integrator.

As you get older, your medical history is sure to change. As a consequence, Foundation Chiropractic thinks that researching you is vital in order to uncover the root causes of your difficulties. They will also do spine scans to detect any abnormalities that may be occurring without your knowledge.

Their support will also increase your mental performance. They believe that you can only fully recuperate if all of your body’s components are in proper functional condition. They accomplish this by attentively listening to your needs and aspirations. They will show you every step you take in therapy to keep you motivated.

Aging can provide a host of difficulties. While they may be tough to comprehend, you do not have to suffer through their symptoms. With early preventative therapy and the guidance of a skilled chiropractor, you will be able to remain active, attentive, and pain-free regardless of your age. Visit www.foundationmeridian.com to discover more about Foundation Chiropractic.

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